Dear people of Sárvár! Dear Visitors!


It is an extraordinary moment in history when diverse, awe-inspiring events intertwine for a few days.

Salutarory of the mayor of Sárvár, István Kondora

The interconnected programmes of the 50. Jubilee of the city inauguration of Sárvár and the 38. International Folkloredays visualise the modern history of the city as well as the emblematic events of this history.

The history of the International Folkloredays symbolises the capability of a wonderful idea’s survival in the whirling sea of time, assigning the power of various cultures side by side, where the colourful lives of nations are embodied in music, dancing, singing, costumes and traditions. The experience gained at such a colourful swirl is what maintains or keeps up the organisers’ strength to intractably stick to the festival.

However the next station is not the final destination, it is merely an episode in these series of events that mark our city on its birthday in 2018, meanwhile we can already envision next year’s, decade’s folklore festivals’ delightful scene. The scene that signifies that the love and will to continue and renew the festival is always unbroken in the hearts of the residents of our city.


Sárvár, 4 July 2018

István Kondora





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