Dear People of Sárvár! Dear Guests!


We are proud of our values, traditions, that we gladly present to our visitors. The castle, the arboretum, the spa, the squares and streets of the town are not only close to our hearts, but also enchant our guests.

The greetings of the Sárvár Folklore Days

I always look forward to the International Folklore Days with excitement and happiness. I am proud of all the cultural programmes of our town; however, the folklore festival is closest to my heart for personal reasons. I had the pleasure of organising it for years and I could experience the thrill of the preparations. Today, I participate, follow the programmes as a visitor, and still, I prepare for these days with the same excitement as before. 

The 41th International Folklore Days will bring the world to us again, but we can also show ourselves to the world. The festival always provides a chance to meetings, for the people of Sárvár with the people of Sárvár and with the guests, who come to us too. Friendship and great loves can blossom during these days. The programmes provide a great place to start a conversation at. 

Each festival is a holiday, a celebration, that lifts us out of the tiring world of everyday life. Let these couple of August days be such a celebration. Culture always holds the possibility to create not just an audience, but a community.

With the hope of this, I welcome You, the people of Sárvár and our guests as well.

István Kondora





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