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Dear People of Sárvár! Dear Guests!

We are proud of our values, traditions, that we gladly present to our visitors. The castle, the arboretum, the spa, the squares and streets of the town are not only close to our hearts, but also enchant our guests.

Mayor’s Greetings…

Mayor’s Greetings

For about four decades, the International Folklore Days has had an outstanding significance amongst the yearly programs of the city. For several days, dancers from many nations perform for us in the city and the region.

The path of tradition…

Dear people of Sárvár! Dear Visitors!

It is an extraordinary moment in history when diverse, awe-inspiring events intertwine for a few days.

Mayor’s Greeting

International Folklore Days from a bottom view

More than thirty years ago, when my colleagues began organising a small “international festival” initiated by the Regös Folk Group, I did not think that now I will officially have to remember this.

Memories of Péter Markó

Memories of Richard Davis about his visits to Sarvar

My main memory is the „two strong men” one! Ken and I were standing near the stage the first time we were practising on that first tour.

Memories of Richard Davis

The Festival

It is a great feeling to say that the International Folklore Days have been entertaining the citizens of Sárvár and tourists for 37 years.

Dear Citizens of Sárvár, Distinguished Guests

Photo Galery

Folklore Days 2018

Parade - 2015

Gala - 2015

Opening day - 2015

Post Office Square: Summerdance - 2015



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