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Valid from 10 July 2018


The following Terms of Use contains the conditions of use of the informational content and services available on www.folklornapok.hu and recourse of the website, operated by Nádasdy Cultural Centre (1. Várkerület, Sárvár, Hungary, H-9600) hereinafter referred to as Provider.

A User is considered to be anyone who visits the Website as well as anyone who uses a Service provided by the Provider. In case the User starts to use any element of the Services provided by the Provider, accepts the conditions of this Terms of Use.

The Provider is entitled to modify the Terms of Use any time. The Provider informs the Users about the modifications on the opening page of the website in the form of a short notice. Following the modifications, the User accepts the modifications of the Terms of Use by using any Services.

The contents available on the Website (articles, photographs and graphics) are Copyright protected.

All Copyrights are owned by the Provider and beyond what is inherent to the intended use like reading, visualization on a screen and the necessary multiplication for this, additionally the personal, non-commercial purpose savings on a hard disc and printing, cannot be used or utilized without the Provider’s written pre-admission.

Uploading any of the photographs on the Website to any social media portals (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) is FORBIDDEN.

In case you would like to place a link on your website that points to the Website (or any element of it), that is a hyperlink, you can do this the following way:

‘Source: Nádasdy Cultural Centre Sárvár – sarvarvar.hu. and the direct link of the subpage’

In case, a User does not use the Services in accordance with the Terms of Use or uses them unlawfully, the Provider is entitled to make the necessary legal steps so the impeachment of the User can happen.




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