Mayor’s Greetings


For about four decades, the International Folklore Days has had an outstanding significance amongst the yearly programs of the city. For several days, dancers from many nations perform for us in the city and the region.

Greeting of the 39. International Folklore Days

Dear People of Sárvár,

Time often goes by on heavy, lead feet and these times we wait for the moment for it to turn into hawk wings and fly by, move forward. This is the case with the wonderful event of the International Folklore Days as well. When the hours of the festival move forward slowly and sometimes with difficulty, we would like to be over with it, but the moment it ends we immediately think about the joys of next year.  The period of time that flies with hawk wings has arrived, when the diverse and joyful, while sometimes tiring work towers upon us. A work, whose fruits can be enjoyed by thousand of guests from Sárvár and visitors alike.

Groups, dressed in spectacular costumes visit us again, the rich-clanging music and the lovely swirl overcomes us, so we can experience all the beauty of the world, and forget about our everyday hardships and our distresses. Culture elevates us with its mesmerising power, maybe a little bit to the dreamworld of past ages, so we can become one with this amazing experience that we hope will bring us to next year’s festival.

I wish for all of Us to have a part in this magical time, performers and the audience too, so when we become one soul like this, we can think that there is not a more refreshing and healing experience in the world!

With all my heart, I wish you all to live through these elevating moments this year as well!

July 2019. Sárvár

István Kondora





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