Escola de Ball de Bot Calabruix

Mallorca, Spain


Mallorca’s dance school Calabriux was created by a group of friends with the intention of preserving and disseminating the most important aspects of one of Mallorca’s most popular dance, Ball de Pagés. The School is in Llucmajor, south-east from the capital.

Mallorcan dance group at the Sárvár Folklordays, Hungary

They are mainly dedicated to teaching the traditions of Mallorquí folklore and dances, organising workshops and participating in folk events, activities related to the popular culture of the Balearic Islands. Their music, instruments and dresses are traditionally Mallorcan. Their instructors have to learn Mallorcan dances, such as boleros, jotas, fandangos Mallorca, fandangos mirall, contradances.

Mallorcan dance group at the Sárvár Folklordays, Hungary

The performances are varied with many short and different dances. Their musicians use traditional instruments like bagpipe, drums, flute and castanets worn by dancers. Their costumes are typical in the area of Mallorca. The dancers carry two suits, one made of dress fabrics and one is rustic that was formerly used for works on the field. The suit with better quality fabrics and elegance was formerly used for events of more height. The two suits are typical of the island of Mallorca.

Mallorcan dance group at the Sárvár Folklordays, Hungary

Actions - 2018

Wednesday 15 August

18:00 Festival Opening

21:00 Festival Cavalcade – Dance House of Nations

Saturday 18 August

18:30 Dances form the Beach and the Island

Sunday 19 August

14:00 Short Dance Performances

17:00 Parade in Costumes

18:00 International Folklore Gala

22:30 Dance House



Nadasdy castle


Spa- and Wellness Centre


Posta Square


Kossuth square


The round about at the Batthyány str




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