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Dear people of Sárvár! Dear Visitors!

It is an extraordinary moment in history when diverse, awe-inspiring events intertwine for a few days.

Mayor’s Greeting

International Folklore Days from a bottom view

More than thirty years ago, when my colleagues began organising a small “international festival” initiated by the Regös Folk Group, I did not think that now I will officially have to remember this.

Memories of Péter Markó

Memories of Richard Davis about his visits to Sarvar

My main memory is the „two strong men” one! Ken and I were standing near the stage the first time we were practising on that first tour.

Memories of Richard Davis

The Festival

It is a great feeling to say that the International Folklore Days have been entertaining the citizens of Sárvár and tourists for 37 years.

Dear Citizens of Sárvár, Distinguished Guests

Photo Galery

Parade - 2015

Gala - 2015

Opening day - 2015

Post Office Square: Summerdance - 2015


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