The Georgian folkdance group will present the nation’s special and ancient folklore and dances at the Folkloredays.

We can see a Georgian folkdance group at the Folkloredays

The folkldance group has presented ancient Georgian folk traditions and folkmusic at a number of international folk festivals. Their special and unique polyphonic songs, dances and traditional costumes represent their nation’s rich history, spiritual aspirations, moral purity, kindness, patriotism and heroism. Folk dance in Georgia has always been a spiritual food and connected to the nation’s agricultural or household activities.

We can see a Georgian folkdance group at the Folkloredays

Georgian dance is the crown jewelry  of Georgian culture and reflects their inner world. It is a hymn to dignity, courage, resistance, dedication, wisdom, consciousness, strength and sublime love.  Its diversity and variety is caused by the regional differences and it is an echo of the Georgian warrior soul. 

The group will perform several traditional Georgian folkdances such as the Kartuli, which is a romantic dance that evokes the atmosphere of a wedding. The visitors can also see mountain dances for instance the Kazbeguri and the Mtiuluri, or battle and war dances like the Khorumi.

Historically, Georgians tend to strive for excellence. This trend is portrayed in their folk dances. Thus, many Georgian dances are based on the idea of competition. Khanjluri is one of those dances. In this dance, men dressed as shepherds compete each other with knives and daggers.

Actions - 2018

Wednesday 15 August

18:00 Festival Opening

21:00 Festival Cavalcade – Dance House of Nations



Nadasdy castle


Spa- and Wellness Centre


Posta Square


Kossuth square


The round about at the Batthyány str




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